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Ícono de una buena idea

At Maestríanimal we address Applied Ethology to the behavior of dogs and cats in order to promote and guarantee their well-being. We do this through deep scientific insight into animal mind and emotion with a combination of behavior modification and environmental enrichment tools.


We are committed to building and developing harmonious and healthy relationships with animals, improving the well-being and quality of life of multispecies families.


We are Catalina and David, a Colombian married couple who have three beautiful children and a deep love for nature, animals and their behavior. We have always lived with wonderful dogs and cats who have been our great loves and teachers. 


We love sharing our knowledge and experience with others. For this reason, we have participated as teachers in many courses, among which are the basic and advanced courses in Applied Ethology with the CES University that we have been teaching since 2010.


Catalina Mejia Isaza

I am a Veterinary Doctor and Master in Clinical Ethology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona - Spain.

I have been a teacher at various universities and a speaker at national and international conferences on issues related to Ethology and animal welfare. I have worked as an ethologist specialized in advising and solving behavioral problems in pets for more than 18 years. I have been fortunate to work with large-scale cat and dog populations, such as at the La Perla animal welfare center in Medellín, and also in others as a consultant for shelters, kennels, and working dogs. I am the author of several magazine articles and the chapterCat Wellnessin the 3rd edition of the Animal Welfare book of the Elsevier publishing house.


david quiroz lopez

I have worked as a Trainer and Animal Behavior Modifier for 23 years. I have training as a technician in Animal Assisted Therapies and Interventions from the Bocalán Foundation of Spain, as well as a diploma in Applied Ethology, I am also a Biology and Ecology student.

I was a teacher, judge and Agility practitioner and have practiced and advised other canine sports. I am deeply passionate about teaching and I have had the opportunity to teach in various courses with different audiences and approaches, always aimed at promoting healthy coexistence and animal welfare. I have been advising multispecies families for more than 15 years and I have also worked with canine populations in environmental enrichment programs and promotion of animal welfare. In addition, I am a certified coach in Essential Coherence, hypnotherapist and facilitator of coaching and personal growth programs, which complements my professional practice with tutors of multispecies families.


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Learn about the opinion of our clients and how our advice, recommendations, courses, diplomas and information in general has helped them to give their pet maximum well-being.

Foto de Luz Adriana Arias

Adriana Arias

I want to express my gratitude to Cata and David and their teachings in the two Ethology diploma courses in which I participated, because they made it possible for me to dare to start the path to fulfill my life purpose: "Accompany human BEINGS and puppies to that they can develop their Well-BEING and live with Well-BEING”.

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